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2009 Peace Ride

The Peace Train Leaving Rico

Day One: Toward Ouray

Day One: Toward Ouray

Ian leaving Durango

Ians shadow

Nick showing the Peace!

Dave pedaling out of Durango

Mark being, well. . .Mark


Matt, pedaling away. . .Go Team Courage!

Ian and Matt, at lunch outside of Telluride at the Blue Jay Cafe

Nick and Dave at the Blue Jay Cafe

Mau and Cathy showing the Peace!

Matt climbing Lizard Head Pass

Day three. . .don't lose your gravy train.

Coming to Lizard Head Pass

Rico, CO

Rico, CO

Mark leading Mau, outside of Cortez

Nick and Dave outside of Cortez


The Peace Train

Four Days 278 Miles

The Adaptive Adventures Team showing the Peace!