CarpeTony creating software solutions through ingenuity and simplified design. Creating custom solutions for companies and organizations, using Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Integrating Excel's calculation, data analysis, reporting, charting capabilities and combining them with the power of VBA programming language our software designs take the time out of analyzing data. During my career as an instrumentation chemist, I developed several key excel spreadsheets and programs. Listed below are a few excel files and their description. If you have any questions about creating dynamic spreadsheets feel free to contact me at:

My XL Files

Timesheet: The timesheet allows for up to four 'jobs' to charged out, and multiple existances of the same day. Total hours are calculated for each job and the total time.
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Race Times:  A spreadsheet that can be used to record the finishing times of an event. Can be used for 'mass start' events as well as individualy timed ones, such as time trials. With 20 possible categories, racers will be sorted by time into their individual categories. Results are printed to HTML and can be viewed on any browser.

Race_Times_so.xlsm -- mass start event, time trial where start order varies from rider number.


Both are Excel 2007-macro enabled, sorry, working on 2003 soon

Features Race_Times_so.xlsm
Mass Start Mode
Time Trial Mode
Distinct Ride Order / Rider No.
Real Time Results
Results Sorted by Category
HTML Results Outputs
example output

Misc XL Links

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