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Welcome, just some of my musing, links and pictures. Also my two twitter feeds. CarpeTony, just stuph that comes to mind, and my work, CarpeQuarq where I tweet about my time as the WorldTour Technical Team Liaison-ing with the AG2r, Katousha, Boels - Dolmans and Axeon Cycling!


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A 2 Week Bike Tour of Slovenia. Still needs some tweaking on maps and more.

Sea Otter & Monterey

  Sea Otter & 

In NorCal for a few days and got some beautiful rides in.

Black Hills Locations

  Black Hills 

Petroglyphs, Tunnels and Grasslands, pictures from locations throughout the Black Hills.


  Antarctica & 
  Easter Island 

Some pictures from travels south of the Equator:  Antarctica and Easter Island.


Some short stories I've written.

The Gold Nugget

Meet Mark Simmons, big city boy from 'The Valley', who moves to the small mountain town of Nevada City, California. Follow his search to unravel the mystery of a small statured man and his mule as they come to visit Mark at his new home. Mark's interst is piqued when he meets living history in the locals whose families have been in town since the days of the 49ers. Chase after Charlie, Mark's wonder dog, as she reveals the historic past of the trail that is just a stones throw from his backdoor.

The Emery Shaft

The Emery Shaft, A short story by Tony Diem
The story of Mark continues, as the remains of a body under the old boardwalk of the historic town are unearthed. Follow the story of a rising boxer, befriended by Wyatt Earp, and his life turned to tatters at a gold mine. Intrigue ensues with Mark and Charlie as an unearthed crime evolves, a rusty shovel and mysterious family disappearance become pieces to a puzzle in a desperate fight to save precious land from development. The Emery Shaft, coming soon.

Safe Travels

A very rought draft of Safe Travels is available, it's a funny story about what happens at the airport and the interesting, dynamic people one meets.